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One Fine Day

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Respect, gentleman! Who likes exceptionable sounds and an expressive male-voice could enjoy ONE FINE DAY. The guys from Hamburg give us an album that is at least again Powerpop/Punk and which holds the party-attitude until the end. The opener “’Eat Your Lies” comes along with a groove but does not sound too excessive. “Jimmy’s Day” starts more silent, with fresh, interesting riffs which create a certain musical tension. Especially the voice of Marten does not need the assistance of indigenous guitars. “Not Enough”, as well as “Showdown” is more aggressive but this time more catchy melodies would have been preferable, because the songs sound quite similar.

They are funky, they are diversified and they are good, considering the effort of the first half of the album this is remarkable. Mentionable are also the few string-arrangements and piano-parts which are included sometimes. Great!

Markus Seibel

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