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Memory Garden

Titel / Title Tides 
Label Vic Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 

This is "only" a re-release, but the fact that this album is already more than a decade old (back then released via mini-label, hence "long lost" and out of print) will be hardly noticed. Moreover, isnīt this 80s/90s sound quite "up to date" again, and Bands like Hammerfall or Kamelot quite popular because of that? Well, if you like those mentioned, and also Savatage in their prime, Manowar before their "Fighting The World" album or the early Queensryche up to Operation:Mindcrime, this is the perfect CD for you. Massive powerful sound, a great singer (Stefan Berglund), classical Metal/Power Metal with slight Prog and strong Doom influences, simply something heartwarming for every Metalhead. Moreover, there is not ONE weak song on this album. Even the bonus tracks (demo-songs) are way above the average. Buy it!

PS: All songs are remastered by Mike Wead (King Diamond / Mercyful Fate) The album has a newly designed booklet and cover and extensive liner notes.
1. Genesis
2. Dream Horizons
3. The Rhyme of the Elder
4. Trapped at the Pharaohs
5. Judgment Day
6. The Innocent Sleep
7. A New Dawn
8. Blissful
9. The Rhyme of the Elder (bonus track, demo version)
10. The Innocent Sleep (bonus track, demo version)
11. Genesis (bonus track, rehearsal version)

Klaudia Weber

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