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White Flame

Titel / Title Tour Bus Diaries 
Label Edel Records Finland Oy 
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As hard rock followers are sadly awaiting Hanoi Rocks´ last shows before the announced band´s dismissal in Spring 2009, other rockers are striving to keep the genre alive and rolling. From Tampere now comes a new act and it comes loud! With already one record out (“Yesterday’s News”) White Flame with confidence put out another, actually well fitting to the album´s title, as at the same time their European promo tour begins. And it seems like with those guys it’s pretty straight forward, honest and out in the open: song titles one by one reveal the “difficult” days of a rocker on the road: “Frontrow Girl” is “Certainly Something”, but one “Shouldn’t Been Messin” and “Dancing with her sister” (but what man can resist, if they are “Twins”?), yet surely it’s ”No Good”, but inevitably on “The Ground” when “2 Become Nr1”, although it´s obviously future-less, like that “Life We Never Had”, because the band is “Gone By Tomorrow”. And it’s just of the top off my head, so maybe it’s not what it seems… (sarcastic?)

Anyhow, in their own right, White Flame is a very decent appearance in their scene and that of Europe at least, so what more to add? 80s are alive as long as there are bands like this on the road again, so girls beware...

Marina Sidyakina, transl. K. Weber

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