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Age Of Evil

Titel / Title Living A Sick Dream 
Label Evil Eye Entertainment 
Total run time

I am not a Thrash- Metal Freak! But I really enjoyed the latest record of AGE OF EVIL. Surely this must mean, that it will sweep Genre-Fans off their feet, right? In fact: these Americans kick ass.

Overall, the compact high speed parts are dominating, set in scene by the fast double-bass, for example in “Living A Sick Dream” or “Dawn Of A New Era”. The speed level is high for most of the songs, the guitars burning up and the singer strains his grating voice. The production is quite good but sometimes a bit muffled. The one single point of critique is the lack of an overwhelming track. But therewith they not alone(take a look at Konkhra!)

As said before, it is a nice, celebrated piece of music. An Album you must have? This must be your decision. Interesting? Definitely.

Markus Seibel

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