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The Austrians Thytopia - a former STALKER-Fresh-Act - release with Bleeding Earth their first self-produced album. The focus is on aggressive sound, something for Metal/Thras fans, thatīs clear. The vocals of front lady Lidia Kofler can easily compete with the growls of Angela Gossow, but Lidiaīs vocals have much more facets than the Arch Enemy singerīs. In some parts you feel reminded of Kimberly Goss, Sinergy, concerning the vocal melodies. She always surprises with something new. The music could be a bit more original and powerful, as listening to it longer it becomes a bit monotonous.

The band is definitely something for fans of Arch Enemy or Guano Apes - definitely something that should be on the CD shelf of Metal-enthusiasts.

PS: On May 1+2 you can see Thytopia live on stage as RAGE support, check our tour dates!

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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