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Arkona / Nargathrond

Titel / Title Jizn’vo slavu (Live … for the glory) / Inevitability 
Label Vic Records 
Total run time
Double CD 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 

What more could I say than, WOW! What a great band. This record is a must for every Pagan Metal Fan. The Russian Band Arkona created something new unique. With the female clean and aggressive voice they just add another highlight to their great music. No way to stand still and just listen this is definitely a band where you need to jump around and bang your head. Songs like Rus (Russia) and Gnev Vremen (Anger of Times) makes the listener enjoy this record even more. The in 2005 live recorded songs at Relax Club Moscow delivers a great quality and shows perfectly what a great atmosphere must have been at this day in the Club.
A great band which needs to be checked out!

Vic Record releases this excellent live album `Jizn´ Vo Slavu´ (in English: Live…For the Glory), an overview of the best 11 tracks from their first 3 studio albums, with the one and only ARKONA demo as a special bonus (3 tracks).

The 2nd disk in this set is the 3rd full length album of ARKONA´s side project, called NARGATHROND.
Here they play more Rock-Pop Songs, but also with traditional Russian lyrics. The Voice of Masha is cleaner and higher and shows that this girl has a huge spectrum of how to use her voice. Inevitability brings songs which you just wanna start singing along, if only this Russian language wouldn’t be so difficult. This is another great album by the Russian musicians.

Sandy Mahrer

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