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Titel / Title Perceiving The World With Hate 
Label Displeased Records 
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Normally itīs no problem writing a review, though it might take more or less effort to get into the sound of one band. Striborg on the contrary were really a challenge. Over one hour of the trvest Black Metal (Bleak grim Aussie black forest metal - according to the promo-sheet) from, no, not Norway, but Down Under. If you wanted to describe it with words, youīd probably come up with something like BM with ambient influences, well something like that. Definitely one of the most ineloquent promo-sheets I ever received, consisting of 8 words: "Initiated in 1994. Ongoing.No contact. No interviews." Thus of course also no homepage, you wonīt find anything apart from fanpages... Why do you then release CDs when you obviously hate the world so much? That brings us to the next point, hate seems to make him unbelievably productive, how else could you otherwise explain this high number of 16(!!) releases/splits since 2004, apart from all the stuff like demos/best ofīs etc before. 2 albums per year... if quality is suffering because of quantity, thatīs something I canīt judge, because I donīt know his other stuff at all. However this Underground BM stuff is being released in DVD format, whose booklet is as tight-lipped as the flyer - apart from the tracklist of course. After listening to it for a few times, it might not be that bad after all, but I definitely have to say, that the production is surely not the best. The guitars are whirring and the drumsound is pretty clanging. Though I have to admit, that every now and then you can feel some kind of BM atmosphere - maybe it would be better, if there was more time between the albums. The only thing I can now come up with is: This is absolutely not for the masses - and surely not meant to be - pure hate and definitely only something for the purists and die-hard fans out there....

Cornelia Wickel

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