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Titel / Title Travels 
Label Soulfood 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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All who are damn tired of this omnipresent, new-fashioned Emo-Wailing and would like to have some nice oldschool like Hardcore album with a melodic touch should check this re-release of Defeater! (Re-release because it has already been released in 2008 on the Indie-label Topshelf and is now being released via Bridge 9). Defeater sound all nasty and pissed across the board and they manage to mix this with some really nice melodies nevertheless. Im surely no die-hard fan of this genre, but the Massachusetts five piece puts so much passion into it, that its absolutely convincing. Their debut "Travels" comes up with such a raw and uncompromised attitude other bands often lack. Those of you, who are into diversified and intelligent Hardcore should give it a try - the many influences like Botch or Fugazi, that haven been mentioned in the promosheet are definitely there. Apart from uncompromised in-your-face parts, youll also find acoustic or calmer parts like in "Carrying Weight". Im definitely looking forward to hear more stuff from those guys. Oh and not to forget, the artwork - this alone is an eye candy, great artistic photographs in sephia tones - if there was something like a ranking for the artwork itself it would easily get 9 points as well. This is despair and frustration in its nicest musical form! Too bad its already over after 30 minutes.

Cornelia Wickel

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