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Titel / Title Second Album 
Label Midsummer Records 
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The Swedes have been around in the Hardcore scene since end of 2002 and are now releasing their second album, as you mightīve already guessed from the simple title "Second Album". Already with their debut album the guys obviously caused a lot of excitement (rumors say, that they destroyed the venue or stage more or less, because fans were going off the rails) and on the following European tour they were welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately this success was stopped a bit due to a hand injury of the guitarist and a lack of support from their former label. However this seemed to be too boring after a while and the Swedes started to organise another tour on their own, once again with success and just while touring, they started writing songs for the actual album - and thatīs definitely worth listening. This is the perfect music, for all, who are into Swedish Hardcore, because thatīs a band you surely canīt ignore this year! Itīs great for bringing up good times! "Soundtrack from the hard life on the road", yep indeed, because when comparing it with their former album theyīve added some extra portion of aggression and speed. "We donīt want to repeat ourselves, the songs should be fun and great to be live" - I read in some interview a while ago - and Iīd say they were pretty successful in doing so with their second album. Check it out!

Cornelia Wickel

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