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Titel / Title Justified Genocide 
Label Deity Down Records 
Total run time
Vö/ReleaseApril 2009 
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Already the name of the fifth Thanatos record „Justified Genocide“ is delicate. The new record of the band from the Netherlands deals with criticism of regimes. They portrait the mixed thoughts of fascism with focus on the Third Reich.

These topics expect you while listening to teh record, wrapped in Thrash-/ and Death Metal. Regarding their musical influences you soon see parallels with Slayer and Sepultura which whom the guys could already share the stage in their 25(!!!) years of band experience.

The sound needs no words of criticism, but the pervertive fascination regarding the thoughts of a superior race and the occultism of the Third Reich are quite disturbing. Where ends the criticism and on which point does a pseudo intellectual exploitation take place.

What stays beneath convincing sound is a sick feeling in the stomach.

Yvonne Zawada

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