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Itchy Poopzkid

Titel / Title Dead Serious 
Label Where Are (Universal) 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Just to state the obvious, whether or not this album is good or not depends on the listener. Having a merry punk-rock sound, Itchy Poopzkid is able to reach the bigger MTV audience. Some may say this is good as more people are able to enjoy this, than e.g satanic Black Metal. Others may say this makes their music soulless and commercial. Nevertheless, this music tickles the same bones as Millencoln –though they are not nearly as good- and has potential for getting huge. Having MTV to back them up, they very well may.

Looking into the musical talent of Itchy Poopzkid, there are one or two things to be said. Firstly, they are not horrible, nor are they great; they are going along the middle path, slightly leaning ever so slightly towards the better side. The genre of Punk-Rock requires up keeping a jovial beat and surprising the crowd on regular intervals and Itchy Poopzkid are doing exactly that –perhaps in somewhat overused ways, but they are doing it nevertheless.

One big bonus to the band is their totally ridiculous name and how this goes along with the album name and cover. The whole combination of a suit-man shining a plastic smile and giving the one-finger-salute in the cover of an album called “Dead Serious” by a band called “Itchy Poopzkid” is so filled with paradoxes and pure weirdness gives this reviewer a big fat smile.

In the end, Itchy Poopzkid gives something new to their genre in terms of absurd band names, but musically it is not extraordinary, or outstanding. Overtopping bands like Millencoln and Green Day is not impossible, but nobody said it would be easy. Though they may have a commercial genre, they have a really long way to rise to bands like Good Charlotte in commercial terms.

Ozzy Aikas

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