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Label Lifeforce 
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It is well known that American lovers of hard music do not think as much in genres as their European brothers do. If a band plays Hardcore, Thrash Metal or Metalcore does not even matter at all. Therefore there are many bands on the US playing a wilde mixture of these three styles.

And Seneca from North Carolina do it as well. Hardcore shouts are hunting Thrash riffing, followed by metalcore drumming. Depending on the track, these assignments may vary as well. And the guys try to make their music as diversified and varied as possible. Acoustic passages, clean vocals and breaks and breakdowns never let songs become boring. But unfortunately the flow suffers from it because Seneca exceed the variation too much. Also the production is a weakness of this album because the basses just hum too much.

But all in all a solid work, even i fit is not perfect, which bears the hope for future productions. Seneca do have the potential to do it!

Timo Pler

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