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Titel / Title House of Dreams 
Label Frontiers Records 
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For all fellows in their forties and/or mid-life crisis, who had been listening with pleasure van Halen and Scorpions in the good old times, but who have problems in these days with this noise, this is the longplayer for their likings. It is directed exactly to those product representatives, with estate car on lonesome highways to the sundown-approach. They get a cleanly produced CD to which one can also listen longer in just one run-through. Beautiful soft riffs, ballads, synthies and a melting voice ala Jon Bon Jovi.

Almost all songs are in ballad form. This can be easily guessed from a way too kitschy covers. The production company Frontier Records makes no secret of the fact that most pieces of this product were composed in the 80s. This soft music is sold here as Melodic rock. To make it short: The hard and heavy fans donīt need to put this record in the player. All easy listening fans who like the leisurely guitar sound might like this cd very much.

Gernot Hermenau

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