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Descendants of Cain

Titel / Title The Tao of Wisdom and Misery 
Label Echozone/Tuhma Records FIN 
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This British band has their roots in the late 90s, when they made their mark in the “Gothic” Electronic music scene. Now the band present a fresh line-up, a new label and an exciting fifth album that is a must for genre-fans, and even Metalheads can give that one a try. Following the “traditional Goth” sound that became well-known through e.g. their fellow countrymen Sisters Of Mercy, Descendants of Cain also assimilated the “contemporary Goth” / Industrial Metal sound collages of Marilyn Manson or NIN, adding some surprising – Hip-Hop? - elements. Especially the dark vocals of mastermind Darryl “D“ Kruger create a bridge from the past to the present, reminding you of Fields Of The Nephilim as well as Rammstein or Pain. Sophistication can be found not only in the sound, but also in the lyrics. “The Tao Of Wisdom And Misery“ holds a mirror up to mankind and points out the dualisms of the material world: “You cannot buy your happiness with the blood of children´s screams". Intelligent music in every aspect.

Jukka-Pekka, transl. K.Gransalke

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