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Titel / Title Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head 
Label Silverwolf Production 
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Down to earth rock music from Germany is not very common. Many things, in particular that stuff that is being pushed and hyped by major labels, appears to be without blood and without honesty. Simply without balls and attitude…

Luckily, Shenaniganz are different here. If you listen to the four young guys (all of them are still in school), you can feel that they are doing what the like and what they stand for. No trends, no bullshit!

As I appreciate the attitude of the guys, I must criticize the songwriting. After a quite well beginning, the quality of songs decreases as the playing time advances. Especially in the second half of the record, the don`t dare to leave the well known trails of rock music. But Shenaniganz still have much time to learn and if they do their homeworks, they might become big ones later on. Good luck, guys!

Timo Päßler

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