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Titel / Title Bible of the Beast 
Label Metal Blade 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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After the great ``Lupus Dei``, the time for Powerwolf to raise a new one from the crypts has come! The often mentioned ``make it or break it``-test should, in face of two brilliant first releases, only be a formality.
So ``Bible of the Beast`` begins first with a cool, classical intro theme. But at next, the hell of a song breaks loose! `Raise your fist, Evangelist` has everything a song needs: catchy chorus, superb hooklines and a perfect production, poerful and bombastic! Tracks like `Panic in the Pentagram`, `Catholic in the Morning, Satanist at Night` and `We take the Church by Storm` do it similarly and make every metalhead`s heart beat faster.

But Powerwolf have also changed their sound a bit. The organ, well know from the last releases, is supported by orchestras, making it really bombastic. Also the level of aggressions is raised, especially the vocals of Atilla Dorn. This level of aggression fits really well to the wolves!
All in all, ``Bible of the Beast`` is another good album form Powerwolf, which sounds more mature than than older releases did. Therefore the tunes are not as catchy as before. The tracks `Resurrection by Erection` and `Werewolves in Armenia` are actually the weakest songs of his album. But his does not change the good impression!

Timo Pler

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