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Titel / Title Blessed Sins 
Label Modern Invasion Music + Danse Macabre Records 
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A debut-album from the big, dark family of gothic-rock – that´s how the CD starts pretty rocky, straight and powerful. With the second song grow up relations to the wave and gothic-scene from the 80s, but then more influences flow together. Right now a little bit punk, after this industrial, and the moods are changing, the tempi, too, a piece of Garden of Delight shines through, then there is a phase of disharmonic sound-experiments, and out of this we are back in rocky wave, what leads to an intervall of a kind of Sabbath-sound. Over all the melodies of the sonorous, dark voice of the singer Valak Doré. The lyrics are around the seven mortal sins of mankind, exciting and full of fantasy, not clearly to classify. And as a bonus at the end you find a video-clip to the song “Eyes Sewn Shut”, produced by Carlos Toro in Chile (who filmed also for Lacrimosa and Vader with his cooperation Abysmo).

By the way: Volkmar comes from Melbourne, Australia, where their music provoked so much pressure that fastly they´ve got an invitation to the amercian Gothic-Ferst Music Festival. After this they had a couple of gigs in Chile, the United States, in the Netherlands and New Zealand. This years you can meet Volkmar at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig (1.6.2009, 8 p.m.)

The design of the cover – different to the music – I don´t like so much. Nice varnished in high lustre, but somehow the booklet like selfmade, the photos in rather poor quality, the layout crude. Only inside it´s pretty with medieval drawings, on which the lyrics are printed. I tell about it, because I think, in times of excessive downloads, in times, when music mutates into digital data, especially the cover design attracts to buy this record and supports the style of a band. But apart from this the record is worth to be recommended and a strong entrance. So I´m excited to know, what kind of evolution will follow.

Andreas Torneberg

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