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Titel / Title Portrait of a Porcelain Doll 
Label Silverwolf Productions / SPV 
Total run time
Vö/Release05.05.2009 (world-wide) 
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Mely is one of those bands who I know from the very beginning, therefore itīs no wonder that I am deeply impressed by their fourth album. First: The Austrians finally present a proper production that mirrors their live-power a little bit more. Second, a label that hopefully gets Mely out on the world-wide market, as the CD should be available now pretty much anywhere. And then this step forward in song writing - simply brilliant! The beauty of it - checking out the CD reviews so far, most (not personally involved) EU reviewers seem to share my humble opinion...

Therefore here I claim that this is the most "Scandinavian" Mely release so far, regarding this "nordic" melancholy (btw, also Southern Austrian folk music is pretty melancholic-depressive) and the powerful production and some Prog influences. Plus those Dark-Metal riff walls, as the keyboard was put a bit more to the background. "Porcelain Dollīs" doomy melodies spur associations with Swallow The Sun, Opeth or Katatonia, as well as - strangely - Pink Floyd. And those vocal harmonies that display something unique - simply Mely. Unique is also Andyīs voice that has matured and offers here some more vocal variety.

Although thereīs no weak song on this album, some have to be highlighted: "Bricks Agains Porcelain Dolls" is an example what I like about Mely - those riffs, those melodies, those emotions, the passion... the following song "Donīt Wake The Sleeping Dog" is a sarcastic ballad, with bluesy acoustic guitar and surprisingly psychedelic. "Hell-low" represents a synthesis of old and new Mely, and "Maybe Yesterday" might be the most "Metal" track. Simply - a Must for all Dark Metal fans.

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Klaudia Weber

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