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Titel / Title Metamorphosis 
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It´s indeed impressive what our current Fresh Act presents here! First of all, this album does not sound like a debut - this is mature, tight and captures you with the first chords. You can feel that the musicians - especially band-mastermind Teemu Mäntynen - put all their souls in it (and I recommend to read the lyrics). A Gesamtkunstwerk. The compositions are complec but still catchy and melodious, emotional and epic, and there is this dose of wicked humour...

Well, let´s try to describe the music - it´s melancholic, doomy-gloomy, with Death-Metal Growls (by Teemu)and clean vocals, powerful riffing contrasts fragile melodies, structural varieties, daring genre cross-over and unusual instrumentation, as a Prog band ought to do it, but with the carefree attitude of Faith No More. Top-class guest musicians speak for themselves (see list below). Fans of Opeth, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Tool, Swallow The Sun, Before The Dawn or Dawn Of Solace should buy this CD right away, all the others lend an ear( Absolutely recommendable.

1. The Chant
2. Passage
3. Zahir
4. The Ghosts Among Me
5. Province
6. Beneath The Waves
7. Last Breath

Metamorphosis Musikerliste:
Lars Eikind (Before The Dawn) - lead clean vocals on Passage, The Ghosts & Province. Backing vocals on The Chant
Mikko Herranen (Rust) - lead clean vocals on Zahir
Samppa Fjäder (N) - bass on The Ghosts & Last Breath
Max Lilja (Hevein, ex-Apocalyptica) - cello on The Chant, Zahir & string section of Last Breath
Sami Kurppa - clarinet on The Ghosts and soprano saxophone on Province
Kari "Sir Korak" Reini (45 Degree Woman, ex-Hybrid Children) - cajon on Last Breath
Didgeridoo choir (Kari Reini, Kane Kanerva, Teemu Mäntynen) - The Chant & Last Breath
Jani Autero (Ultra Mayhem) - keyboards throughout the album & EP, trumpets in horn section of Last Breath
Jukka Salovaara (Dawn of Solace, Sole Remedy) - additonal guitar on Beneath The Waves

Klaudia Weber

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