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The Seven Gates

Titel / Title Angel of Suffering 
Label Heavy Artillery Records 
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When asked to do a CD review for the debut album of a (relatively) up-and-coming band, most people wouldn’t be too excited. However, this was not true after I heard one of the tracks off of The Seven Gates upcoming album “Angel of Suffering”. To say the least, I was absolutely blown away. The album starts off strong and doesn’t slow down one bit. From mega breakdowns to killer solos it’s entertaining from beginning to end. Unlike most metal/death-metal bands Seven Gates actually has clear lyrics that can be easily understood. None of that barking-into-the-mic-for-three-and-a-half-minutes nonsense here – they know what they’re doing. What’s impressive is that after releasing their first EP in 2007, New York based label Heavy Artillery Records instantly snatched them up and signed them – what makes this weird? Oh, you know…the fact that they’re a French band that was signed by a US label. What does that tell you? That they’re awesome, end of story. If you love heavy, hardcore, evil death metal then be sure to pick this album the second it’s released!

1.Angel of Suffering
3.Gehenna’s Sword
4.All is in All
5.The Serpent’s Wheel
7.Quake of the Hammer
8.Temple of Ashes
9.No Salvation
10.Kingdom of the Lost

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for The Seven Gates as they are touring this year!

Cameron Field, transl. K. Weber

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