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Titel / Title Slovenska Morbida 
Label Danse Macabre Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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From Slovenia – Laibach? No, a new export makes the player shaking: NOCTIFERIA. In the first 20 seconds you lay back and think about a quiet electro-industrial relax, but all in a sudden the speakers shoot the full metal. Extrem-metal they say, well, itīs fast, aggressive, behind the overheating guitars electronical.

If you like to taste metal, spiced with industrial and mixed with ethno, if you like to grill your neighbours on their sofas through your ultimative speakers – yeah, keep on, Noctiferia isnīt the right meal for a romantic candlelight-dinner. Here you get the angry growls a la Moonspell-Fernando. Thatīs nothing new and starts with track 1 in german language, which changes later into english. Slowenic I havenīt heard, didnīt I?

Already the puristic cover I like, something between a martial monastic order and Matrix goes metal, hard and dark. And this reflects in the music. The production is straight and quickly shows that Igor Nardin, the programmer and guitarero, knows clearly how his ideas should sound. Mixed from Peter Tägtgren in Sweden, who have had also works of Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Children of Bodom in his hands.

At the end of the CD – during the same named „Slovenska Morbida“ – the sound sinks down into a bizarre soundtrack like to a gloomy vampire-movie. But thatīs a breathtaking before the final deathmetal-storm only. Nevertheless all those riffs, the electronic and melodies fit very well together and are easy to listen to. No revolution, but it rocks. I would like to listen to some slovenian language, too, well, a personal statement, but, hey, this kind of music isnīt so new to me, but the language is. Wouldnīt it be interesting to hear, no?

And by the way: You can meet the band live at the WGT on 29th of May 2009 in Leipzig.

Andreas Torneberg

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