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Officium Triste

Titel / Title Charcoal Hearts - 15 Years Of Hurt 
Label Displeased Records 
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Officium Triste are celebrating their 15th anniversary. What could be better than celebrating this with a CD? Instead of just producing one of those unneccessary Best of Compilations, that simply contain old stuff everybody already has, they put some more effort in doing this one and made it thus interesting even for the bigger fans of the band. Apart from a completely new song called "No Hope", which is also the first song that has been written in the new line-up, you can find to re-recorded versions of "Divinity" and (an acoustic version of) "My Charcoal Heart". The Killing Joke Cover ("Love Like Blood) afterwards, sounds a bit strange at first, when you compare it to the other Officium Triste stuff, especially when it comes to the vocals, but itīs a good one nevertheless! To top it off, you can find two songs of the ī98 split-CD (back then with the guys from Cold Mourning from the US) plus a re-recorded version of the ī96 mini-album "Mountains Of Depressiveness". Since this is some pretty rare stuff, itīs interesting even for fans, who might not have this one in their collection so far. And for everyone, who hasnīt heard of the Dutch Doom band so far, this is the chance to check this band out! If youīre into melodic Doom and bands like My Dying Bride or old Anathema, you wonīt be disappointed!

Cornelia Wickel

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