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The Unravelling

Titel / Title 13 Arcane Hymns (preview) 
Total run time
35:45 min (preview-demo) 
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Progressive metal rock from Calgary, Canada, Alberta “the wild rose country“ – but the roses here have thorns and hide some secrets Gustavo De Beauville, the project´s founder and instrumentalist, with singer Steve Moore try to unravel. But that´s for sure: it´s not going about easy listening radio mainstream, no, we´ve got here a portion of a pretty individual sound.

They name Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Opeth, Arcana and Jeff Buckley as their inspiration. I even thought about a touch of System of a Down, too, from the point of view how the overheated aggressive singing changes surprisingly with a slow-motion of melodies and soundscapes. These names make already sure: we talk about a high level. The influences are obvious, nevertheless there is no copy or fake, you can hear the relations with the musical roots, but the creative power and the ideas of Beauville&Moore open new perspectives and a wide range of feelings and mysteries. And how Steve Moore expresses himself with his voice from whispers to clear singing or extreme deathmetal-screaming is very impressive. An excellent debut, strong and complex with a lot of attention to the detail, very well recorded and mixed.

On the bands website you can sign in as a member and download all demo-songs for free. “The viral spreading of our music as opposed to fight it like many bands do” as they say. On their homepage you get in touch with some cryptical black&white drawings, strange and specific and made by Beauville himself, dark drawings of a surrealistic symbolism, which don´t have directly to do with the music, but could lead into a kind of accompanying visions.

Andreas Torneberg

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