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Titel / Title Spirit Black 
Label Frontiers Records 
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In June 2008 the album „Lonely are the Brave“ was released, followed by a European Tour, and still Lande and his guys found time to produce new songs, releasing only a year afterwards another great CD. Those 9 tracks, including a cover, are perhaps a bit short in playing time, but they make up for it in quality. Those songs touch your heart immediately, the lyrics appear to be very personal and intense, the sounds seem even better and more rocking than the previous CD.

The song Rock’ n’ Roll Angel is the one that struck me most, with its slow emotional start then turning into a real tough rocking track.

The Coversong „I Walk Alone“ by Ex-Nightwish front woman Tarja Turunen presents Jorn at his best, he is indeed a master of Hardrock voices and his abilities seem limitless. It´s difficult to decide which version of this song is the better one - it would be interesting tho hear those two performing it together. This album is indeed a new masterpiece, and the band is going to present it live by end of this summer.

Sandy Mahrer

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