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UNZUCHT is a new band from the area around Hanover - The Schulz (vocals), Schindler (bass, electronics, programming) and De Clercq (Guitar, Electronics, Vocals, Programming). Their debut EP "Angel of Destruction" was mastered by none other than Willi Dammeier, the live mixer from Apoptygma Berzerk. The three have not been signed with a record label yet. But of what kind UNZUCHT´s music really is? ...

"Gothic / Electro / Industrial band with german lyrics" describes it very well. The four song disc is dominated by a consistently dark and melancholy mood and contains a real Hit with the title "Schwarzes Blut" – one that you could play without any doubts in a Gothic-Disco to make lazy dancers´ legs shaking. The other three songs are in my opinion well managed mainly by the melancholic singing of Schulz, but do not exceed mediocrity. Overall, a promising band with potential to grow.

Henrik Detjen

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