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Die So Fluid

Titel / Title Not everybody gets a happy ending 
Label Tiefdruck-Musik 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Oh, man, this album rocks! Add a pound of postpunk, a pinch of grunge, but principally pure british rock with a tremendously talented guitar player, who even likes to join psychedelic fields, after he had enough of tearing to shreds. On stage this guy stands straightfaced as a sign of real british understatement, but what comes out of his string-machine is sometimes magical, sometimes like a fist in the face.

But hoopla, slowly, lets start at the beginning. This we do, of course, with the drummer, Al Fletcher, simply because drummers usually get mentioned at the end. But this won´t be fair especially here with this trio, because he has so much to do, the obligation and the audible fun to fill the space that the two other instruments leave to him with all his tomtoms and cymbals to make bang. This man drums through a hard piece of work on this CD, and he does it with bravura!

Did I mention the guitar player? Mr.Drew is the name he chose, since he apears live in suit and tie. Not even one track, on which I do not get heated ears. From hard to off-hooked – Drew has a wiiiide range of expressions, pretty controlled and pointedly on this CD. Great!

So we come finally – not Ladies first, but therefore the most about it – to the Lady at the front, the bass-player and singer, Georgina „Grog“ Prebble. I often had my problems to accept female rock-throats, although I loved as a small boy Suzi Quatro, but mostly the female voice is too soft or to shrill, to trivial or too howling to me. But Grog has it. Yeah, she is able to catch and to hold this full rocksound with her voice, what got even confirmed via live shows. With the necessary portion of energy, the groove and fun and – let me say it macho: with the sexiest way to carry a bass. She has no problems to rock on highheels in latex rubber the stage, and it doesn´t look a bit cheap or overstated, just because this woman builds on something a facade necessarily needs: a foundation. Already grown up in a musical family, she collected a lot of experiences in some bands before, even played once with Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne. Grog rocks.

Moreover this band has an attractive website, where you will immediately be reminded to the albums cover, nostalgic, a little bit romantic. And well, it´s in fact not modern music, because there is too much in it, what´s known and heard in the decades before. But what is modern? May be the most modern thing is to be timeless?

Andreas Torneberg

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