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Titel / Title The Black Swan Epilogue 
Label Vic Records 
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Thank you for choosing this high quality product. This is what a sticker on the album should say because bibleblack is the new project of none other than Mike Wead alias Mikael Wikström. guitarist of the legendary King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. With “The Black Swan Epilogue” the band now releases its debut album and hits the “swans”eye dead on. Mean vocals, insane riffs, razing drums and epic organ sounds make for a gloomy, awe-struck, mysterious atmosphere. Supported by several guest singers (Ronny Hemlin, Kristian Andrén and Matthias Ljung) who provide their clean vocal skills bibleblack made a black death metal album which might make the full-bodied announcement “Swedens new metal force” come true. Listen for yourself!

Kathleen Gransalke

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