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Withoux Wax

Titel / Title We Should Believe 
Label Limited Access Records 
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Without Wax is a young band from the Lower Rhine at Wesel, and when I say young, then I mean young, because the average age of the four is just 16 years ... But who now thinks of Tokio Hotel or Killerpilze is wrong ... Without Wax make punky touched Poprock and have from soulful ballads to funny party tracks very different tracks on their new album We Should Believe in sleeve – in a better quality than you would expect from a gang of snips.
A common thread youŽll search in vain. I think, if the guys go on and perhaps not quite so much in style of their self-proclaimed role models Foo Fighters, Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake but bringing a little more individuality to the whole thing, you will see them again in the near future.

Henrik Detjen

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