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Titel / Title Brahmavidya: Transcendental I 
Label Vic Records 
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„Vedic Metal“ from Singapore? Errrr, ok, where´s my Yogi tea? Already the title of this album sounds like a Pilates-Yoga relaxation CD! Apparently, Rudra are part of the metal elite in Asia and, in the first instance, the stuff from Singapore doesn´t sound so different from the standard Norwegian Black Metal troop. On their already fifth album there are besides genre-typical elements traditional sounds which, yep, one has to say it, could have also come from a Yoga relaxation CD and there´s even a song including an interesting “drum” solo called “Meditations at Dawn”. For the most part, though, the songs, interestingly also partly sung in Indian which gives the music a very mystical vibe, spread a rather dark, aggressive atmosphere. Maybe the guys could´ve incorporated those traditional elements a bit more into the music to really invent a totally new genre but now the switches between the atmospheres, quiet-hypnotic and aggressive-heavy, are a bit too harsh for my taste.

Kathleen Gransalke

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