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Bleed From Within

Titel / Title Humanity 
Label Rising Records 
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An ass-kicking sound is given to us by BLEED FROM WITHIN, who do no compromise in the eleven songs on this record. Without a doubt this is a heavy Hardcore album. Such an inferno does not need more than half an hour, so BLEED FROM WITHIN did a good job as far as this is concerned. Although some lame parts found their way into the songs “The Fall of Man” is definitely not for wimps. Those who cannot handle Hardcore music are wrong here. Fans of this genre get a good, in the standards of this music talented singer, thunderbolts from the drummer and heavy guitars as well as a good production. The guys cannot reach bands like THE BOY WILL DRONE or AS I LAY DYING. Therefore a higher level of songwriting (or even madness?) is needed. But it is enough for a spot at the top.

Markus Seibel

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