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Titel / Title Kingdom of Contradiction 
Label Tiefdruck-Musik 
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INTWINE – Dutch export wants to rock the neighbour Germany. Just slid in the player this album starts quite metallic and heavy, but already within the first 60 seconds one thing becomes clear: it´s a subtle piece of creative handicraft mother has sewed here. An import of different postcolonial streams flows through the tricky tracks. The voice of the singer has roots in black reggae sound, and I asked myself from the beginning of whom it reminds me, and then it dawns: to Corey Glover, singer of Living Colour, not that aggressive, rather lamenting and lyrical, but with a distinctive kind of singing, too, and because of this closely related with the individual question of your taste.

His name is Roger Peterson, and indeed: he and two more members of the band originate from the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean. Very talented, that already in 2002 got exposed during a singing contest, where Roger became the winning finalist. The whole crew, who met all together at the Fontys Rockacademy, where the band was founded eight years ago, plays on a high level. Intwine is continuously represented in the top 20 not only of the Dutch charts. 2005 they played their first headliner-show for 12.000 people in Rotterdam.

This is not an usual metal/rock-album, but a crossover of different ideas and influences with a lot of fantasy, a “Kingdom of contradictions”, which build a homogenous unity. Surprisingly for me a cover-version of the Police “Walking on the moon”, with a soft and melodic start turning into a heavy guitar-sound. This CD is anything but boring. “Reggae-Rock“ I read somewhere in the internet. Oh, nope. Comparisons with the Deftones and Incubus I found, but this miss the target, too, nevertheless it goes into the right direction.

The albums cover-design I don´t like much, I don´t think it represents the special sound on the same level and spirit. An exciting album. It derserves to spread out over the colonies, for example over Germany, too. Buy it or check the band- and Myspace-websites!

Andreas Torneberg

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