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Enochian Theory

Titel / Title Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio 
Label Anomalousz Music Records 
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The creation from scratch – that is, which could applied to the band itself, too, although they have already published an EP in 2007. But here we have the first full length album. With this production the three Brits work in all details very precisely, carefully and with devotion, acoustically as well as visually. From the fanciful and great cover-design to the well done website everything is remarkable. And actually this autonomously recorded in their own studio and released independent by their for this reason founded label. Only the final mastering was done by David Costello, who previously also worked for Opeth or Katatonia.

The style of music is called progressive Rock/Metal. Well, meanwhile such productions using different genres and connecting several musical streams are not as progressive and groundbreaking as it once was. On a carpet of sound collages by the “lost orchestra”, partly concertante synthetic or with ambient electronic noises, complicated compositions are developing, full of changes regarding the tempos and variations in atmospheres; in some areas instrumental. From silent mysterious to mighty mountains of sound the album becomes a kind of painting, an art-work, which tells a tale. So British that it reminds sometimes of those old, long and complex songs of the early “Yes”. The voice works mostly in higher ranges, which adds a fragile poetry with melodies of beauty to the more silent, quiet parts, but it provokes strange contrasts with hard metal-riffs; probably not easy to accept for everybody. Astonishingly this high voice is able to roar and growl several times. It’s a versatile, exciting album for sure.

The end of the CD surprises. A last chord, a whisper – crash, it´s over! A little bit too abrupt after such an opulence of ideas. A little bit, as if a painter would run out of colour to finish the picture. This shall be like this, artists say in such moments.

Sam Street - Drums & Percussion
Ben Harris - Hayes - Throat & Guitar
Shaun Rayment - Bass Guitar
The Lost Orchestra - Pianos, Synthesizers, Extra Sounds and Orchestral Performance

Andreas Torneberg

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