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Titel / Title Wrath of Centuries 
Label Danse Macabre 
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Volkmar come from Australia. Now they continue their long journey to Europe even in an inner way: the “soundtrack” to Dante’s Inferno fifth circle of hell is burned on CD. A heavy, gothic Rock-coat clothes the significant voice of Valak, who plays the guitars, too, surrounded by the dark sound of the synths-carpets of Ishtar, accompanied by Griffyns bass, who makes the way in darkness shake. The sound is driving and danceable, black like a cloud on a sunny summer day, when a thunderstorm is approaching! The raindrops are warm, but acrid. You can only dance to alleviate the pain.

“Wrath of Centuries” proceeds, where “Blessed sins”, the previous album, ended, and several structures and melodies seem to be so well-known that both albums could be one. The atmosphere and melodies have a high recall value – easy to recognize the sound of Volkmar. A forthcoming album could show, if the band is able to develop their individual cosmos with new experiences they’ll have in Germany, where they are living now - or if they’ll stuck in the structures of their own sound identity. Because here the danger is hidden: one hour Volkmar-music offers some repetitions of its own ideas. On other hand - between hundreds of bands there are not so many who sound as authentic as this.

Ishtar – synths
Valak Doré – vocals, guitars
Griffyn – bass, backing vocals
Irusan – live guitar

Andreas Torneberg

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