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Feeding Fingers

Titel / Title Baby Teeth 
Label StickFigure & Tephramedia 
Total run time
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These fingers feed you with a soundtrack of subconscious dark fantasies. Old wave roots suck you into a morbid underground of melancholy. Surely, Justin Curfman, the singer from Atlanta, Georgia, canīt stand this anymore: Everybody who listens to his voice immediately has to think about The Cure. The similarity is so obvious, especially if itīs going about early 80th New Wave style music. You get a ride back to old times of the ancestors like Bauhaus, Joy Division or Siouxsie and the Banshees. Not to check them against each other, just to lift the casket lid from an old vault.

The record starts unspectacular and almost nostalgic in a well known kind, but as longer it goes, as stronger it develops its own mourning spell, which is contemplative and depressive. Even the sound provokes a feeling, as if in the night you would walk in the near of a funfair, from where the wind blows a sad music to you – but this music is inside your head. And although the tracks donīt differ much in their climate from each other, the impression grows more and more intensive. The songs are well decided, clear and puristically reduced on their essence, outstanding in the way how the drummer Danny Hunt finds exactly the matching beat. An Ian Curtis was able to push ones soul into the abyss, but those times are probably gone. The Feeding Fingers are not that far from this edge and they serve vibrations of their own world. They live in a place of the USA, where this kind of music and generally the subculture doesnīt meet a big success. So, these guys really do, what they believe in, and you can feel it. This album is a remarkable spot on the shimmering spiral nebula of musical productions. Only the run time could have been a bit longer.

1. Neverlight
2. She Hides Disease
3. Baby Teeth
4. Is Heaven all that you hear
5. Permission to Sleep
6. This Isnīt Enough
7. Plain Faced Afternoon
8. No Movement in the Water
9. Your Name in a stolen Book

Justin Curfman: Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keys
Todd Caras: Bass/Keys
Danny Hunt: Percussion

Andreas Torneberg

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