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Titel / Title Chronicles Of A Dying Era 
Label Subsound Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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That´s an acoustical widescreen cinema movie about the final collapse of a wrecked civilisation – and “action”! Exploding capitals, above them mushroom clouds tell about the damnation – a bursting pathos of pompous orchestration mixed with rocking guitars and the prophecies about the end of the world: “And when the final course is getting closer, a howling crowd of flaming goals will set on fire all the arrogance we own…” The music paints a dramatic scape about a dying era and the power inside of it to create and to survive. And when the massive overkill of the music ends, somehow you should feel – there was more than a bombastic staging with the aim to take your money. This is a musical portrait of our time, almost too perfect and not innovative - as our era lost the freshness to create new genres, too. Nowadays even the doom can wear an entertaining cover, yes, that’s the temptation of the glamour and the curse of commerce.

Aggression and fear dressed in a high-polish Italian style. May be, better to distillate decorative energy out of the tensions, the sadness and wrath than depressively to resign. Better to build a monstrous dance-sound inside the decadent discotheque our world became for some - than to destroy or get destroyed. If it would have a longer run time, it could have found thereby some more space for different ideas inside the valleys between the giant mountains of sound for a kind of ambient contemplations. But therefore it has no length, is slim, fast and precise. The creators of Epochate are Victor Love and Noras Blake from Italy, who let their perspectives flow together. No wonder that especially the rocking parts of Epochate have so much in common with the music of the Dope Stars Inc., which is Victor’s second band. At all it’s very impressive like the artwork of the cover.

Andreas Torneberg

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