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Scarecrow N.W.A.

Titel / Title Ishmael 
Label PH Music/Rebeat Music 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The title reveals it all to literature freaks - the Austrians adopted Nevilleīs Moby Dick as thematic and lyrical frame. Therefore forgive my "wild sound-waves" and "merciless harpoon-gunning" which inevitably suggested itself...

Well, from my viewpoint itīs not so much Captain Ahab but rather the Vikings that inspired the music. Scarecrow N.W.A. (= New World Annihilation) are much more into classic Swedish Death than "typical" Austrian brutal-Grind. Thanksgod. That means, titīs tough but thereīs also a tune, itīs diverse, melodic, there are Prog influences and excursions to Thrash (N.W.A.) or even Metalcore (Dominion X). The Vocals offer a range from Cannibal-evil growling, Dani-screeches up to - dark-voluminous - clean voice, and done by just ONE singer (Bernd) - Wow, good job.

Some parts are really rough, though, when the otherwise well-structured guitar works turn into wild sound-waves and the drums try to set up new speed records. Between this merciless harpoon-gunning you also find orchestra parts, a bit of Doom and even Black Metal (Goddess Of Death) - a mixture that still gives a coherent end-result. Yet that one is difficult to categorize and definitely needs more than just one run-through to capture it all. Iīd put it into the "Melodic Death Metal" section, and who likes (early) In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Soilwork & Co can get this one right away, but also fans of Opeth, Nile or The Ocean should put it on their shopping list.
Faves: The Day Turned To Light, Call Me Ishmael

Plus: Nice cover artwork, sophisticated lyrics worth to be studied. Not much to complain about, perhaps this nice decorative writing that makes song titles partly illegible, and the production is a bit "dry" in comparison with those bands named above - but hey, the Austrians had only a trickle of the budget of those bands ... therefore well-deserved

Klaudia Weber

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