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Titel / Title The Hour Of Lead 
Label Good Old Boys Records 
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A few years ago Last One Dying has made a huge impact on the German Metalcore scene with their first releases and were overwhelmed with commendations.
Now they throw their first full-length album in the ring – and you can well say that this is a big declaration of war. „The Hour Of Lead“ knows how to make a point from the beginning to the end. In contrast to a lot of other bands L.O.D. hit their songs really heavy, but manage it to perfectly integrate the melodic parts and the clean vocals, the audible break in the song structure like you know from these other bands, are avoided therefore nicely. The killer production gives their own input into this.

Although Metalcore is a temporary fashion and there are (by all means justified) prejudices, you should check out „The Hour Of Lead“, because L.O.D. Sound fresh and ingenuous, but also serene and focused – in this way modern Metal makes fun.

Matthias Lohse

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