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Titel / Title Violent Revenge 
Label Displeased Records 
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Just a small warning before you continue reading: If you go crazy, when you get to know, that the members are called Hellbastard, Tyrannizer, Avenger and Vomitor and a guy named Skullcrusher did the artwork and can thus conclude that this sounds damn old fashioned, which is not your style, then “Violent Revenge” will not be your cup of tea. If in contrast to that, you already own other albums of this band or are totally into some good old Thrash Metal, then this is your album for sure!

Nocturnal have been around since 1997, though back then under the name Bestial Desecration. Members came and went, BD split up in 2001 and the only remaining founding member renamed the band to Nocturnal. New name, same goal: Riff-based oldschool Thrash. The band grew from one member, to a two-piece and eventually became a quartet in 2003. New stuff was being written and MCD and CDs, among those “Arrival Of The Carnivore” were being released. After yet another line-up change bringing a new vocalist called Tyrannizer to the band, work on the new album continued and stuff for “Violent Revenge” was created and recorded.
Those, who´d like to check out the poser qualities of this band, should jump over to youtube, to have a look at the video for “Temple of sin” - you simply can´t get more oldschool nowadays than this! Good news for fans of this video, since the last one was quite successful, the band decided to do another one for the actual album!
If you´re a fan of bands like Kreator, Sodom and Co, you´ll be totally happy with Nocturnal´s stuff as well. Good old Thrash Metal as it´s supposed to be. Thrashing mad! Check them out!

Cornelia Wickel

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