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Titel / Title Syzygial Miscreancy 
Label Displeased Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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I could easily sum the review up with one sentence: Great album for oldschool Death/Thrash fans and demo junkies.

To go a bit more into detail, let´s have a closer look at this re-release of “Syzygial Miscreancy”. Hellwitch have been founded in 1984, but got forgotten over the time I guess. So this re-release is the chance for all new oldschool fans, who´d like to get hold of this really thrashing mad album and probably a good one for old fans as well, since the demos from '84, '86, '87 and '89 have been added. An interesting thing is for example the song “Nosferatu”, which can be found 3 times overall on the CD in various demo phases. Surely interesting to hear, how this song has changed as the years went by. Before someone complains about quality of sound and/or vocals: This is a raw and uncompromised record, made for, as mentioned before, oldschool fans. They will surely appreciate the raw feeling this CD is bringing along. I have to admit, that I wasn´t completely satisfied with what I was listening to the first time, but I have to say, that I got hooked after a while – this should be seen as some kind of advice to those, who want to throw this record out of their player after the first tunes, give it a chance, there´s some pretty decent stuff on it!
The band had disappeared somewhen in the mid '90s, appart from some one-off gigs, until they all over a sudden came back in 2005. Since then they´ve published a new EP and are now writing material for the upcoming album “Omnipotent Convocation” which is due this fall. So this re-release can be seen as a nice appetizer with bonus material for the upcoming album. Let´s see, whether the new material will be as thrashing and raw as the good old 90's stuff!

(Re-release, therefore no rating)

Cornelia Wickel

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