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Titel / Title Shades Of Eternity 
Label UMP Unlimited Music Production /Metal Heaven/ 7Hard 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Sweden appears to share itīs abundance of bands with the rest of Europe. Luckily, as some hidden treasures can be found there. StoneLake - four men who play excellent Melodic Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock are among those. Overwhelming guitar riffs and soli by an ingenious guitarero named Jan Akesson who is also handling the keyboard. A very gifted drummer Jens Westberg and Lasse Johansson who is excellent on the Bass. Oh and there is also the vocal master Peter Grundstrom who is capable to produce extremely high notes. I donīt know how many octaves he manages, and also his vibrato has to be mentioned here. Those guys announce on their MySpace site that their music sounds like „A cross between Metallica and Abba“, yet their singer sounds much higher and better than those 2 Abba girls. All thatīs left to say is - listen to it and have fun.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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