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Titel / Title From The Brink Of Infinity 
Label Ascendance Records  
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WHYZDOM are dedicated to dark, lugubrious Gothic, usually coming from Finland. This fits therefore,because of the cold and darkness and so on. But from France? Who knows, might be finnish emigrants. Fact is, WHYZDOM show a good performance in their debut album, they catch the intended atmosphere with songs like “The Train”. In the best parts they remind of EPICA, like the melancholic “Escaping the Ghosts of Reality”. Even Tarja, ex-Nightwish, left her mark, some vocal parts have her Timbre, which should be understood as a mere tool of comparison.
Unfortunately there could be much more variety in their songwriting, too often they use the same scheme and too rarely try something else. Therefore „From The Brink Of Infinity” remains a solid album, with a little more still to do to reach the top.

Markus Seibel, transl. Fabio Sgarlato

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