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Fever Ray

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Shamanic electronics. Magic out of the forests of Sweden – an album, which catches like a hallucinogenic. A sound of slowness. Rhythm not to dance, but more to invoke. Music created in a special period, in those months after Karin Dreijer Andersson became mother for the second time. Later depressive insomnia, but a blaze of inspiration, which circles in cryptical poems around life and the life before.

The sound is so specific that it’s hard to tell about comparisons to other existing works. Sometimes it reminds a bit to the melancholic songs of Peter Gabriel on “Up”, the voice a little to the Nordic climate of Björk. But Karin likes to use technical mutations; already in the first song she pitches her voice low down, a human voice, but artificial and part of the electronic world of the music. Such alienated style makes think about Laurie Anderson, but about the history of Karin, too, who worked formerly together with her brother Olof at the well-known electro-project “The Knife”, which isn’t active right now.

„When I Grow Up“ is like an incantation a magical ceremony. “Seven” and “Triangle Walks” follow with swinging percussion more dancing. Generally this album is nothing for metal heads or dancefloor-fanatics, who love to listen to noise and heavy sound. This record is for the quiet moments, for the stay at a silent forest-lake, where you listen to the wind, which only seemingly blows monotonous, but actually hides a lot of whispering voices, to which you can only listen, if you calm down yourself. This is an album dedicated to the autumn, which leans towards the forthcoming darkness of winter. Intensively, and because of this not really relaxing, far away from the mainstream an inspired solo-work.

Karin Dreijer Andersson just has left her house in the near of Stockholm und started her world-tour through the USA, Canada and Europe to ray her feverish project from stage…

Autor / Author Andreas Torneberg

1. If I Had A Heart
2. When I Grow Up
3. Dry And Dusty
4. Seven
5. Triangle Walks
6. Concrete Walls
7. Now´s The Only Time I Know
8. I´m Not Done
9. Keep The Streets Empty For Me
10. Coconut

Andreas Torneberg

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