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Neon Synthesis

Titel / Title Alchemy Of Rebirth 
Label Killerpool Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Electro Rock from Italy. Forcefully the electric guitars drive their riffs into the hall; massively the synthie-programming and drumbeats roll a carpet of rhythm over the dancefloor. A sonorous voice roars from bad to melodious tunes, charges a magnet with the ingredients of the musical scene-life from the past 20 years to catch the people and make them dance; a hard dance with buckle boots, which hit the floor to blood. “Alchemy of Rebirth” drives mighty, even is catchy and slick, not boring, nevertheless there are no surprising highlights or enlightenments. The album is well-done and smooth produced (experienced Victor Love from the Dope Stars Inc. signs for the production) and able to enrich the sound for clubs, who look for a dark, heavy party sound.

But it is not easy to distinguish the songs from each other. “Nihil” starts strong and pithy, but with the next songs like “Visions From Above” there doesn’t follow a remarkable development or change; the sound stays very similar. Not until “Solitude+Fear”, which is more melodious and slow and offers more qualities of songwriting, clear singing and atmosphere. “Artificial Paradise” stamps again angry the floor, but the second half of the CD rather shows less profile and interesting moments. Finally the last track “Catharsis” helps to raise the level, because the band doesn’t try to whip the audience to the dancefloor. This song drifts more into the climate of gothic rock with soul and feeling. Generally this record does not present real weak points, but more variations and innovative ideas wouldn’t have been that bad.

01 Nihil
02 Visions From Above
03 Betrayal
04 Like Ashes On A Waste Land
05 Solitude+Fear
06 Artificial Paradise
07 The Sweetest Nightmare
08 Through The Looking Glass
09 VII
10 Catharsis

Andreas Torneberg

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