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Titel / Title The Niobium Sky 
Label Dark Balance Records 
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Man, you can be so mistaken. The first check of this disk runs bad: That´s crap because the voice sounds annoying and the songs are chaotic. Indeed, this could be right. But who´s getting involved with "The Niobium Sky" will experience awesome things. This experimental mix of Disillusion, Katatonia, progressive, melodic, death, punk, doom...
- well there could be tons of comparisons to list. Fact is: MORRIGU sound so unique, i should have hacked my ears off for the first impression, or at least my fingers (because of typing). Seriously, what MORRIGU created with songs
like „black dust“ or „the great finding“ is so full of passion and groove, that it can nearly outmatch your feelings over your favourite soccer-team getting a triple (seems possible), or the most hated team descends (unfortunately no more possible), your dog seems healthy with 20 Years or there´s asparagus the whole year. This disk is so good, the sound that perfect,
the ideas so variable, the noise so controlled, the rythm so apparitional that it seems as good as unbelievable. A good CD, really.

Markus Seibel

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