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The Cumshots

Titel / Title A Life Less Necessary 
Label Rodeostar 
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There are bands/albums/songnames, that you might associate with everything, but with what expects you really in the end. That´s just what it is like with the latest output of Norwegian The Cumshots.
Having a look at the pretty simply coverdesign with a revolver on it, doesn´t give any proper hints on what to expect either. Everything from porn to grindcore or something like that. Well, you´ll find neither the one, nor the other - that being said just in advance...well nearly nothing.

Nearly because you definitely find some rough and dirty stuff there and there´s a testosterone overflow for sure. But Grindcore for example? No! They´re rather (hard)rocking and thrasing their way - in a sometimes quite progressive or Death'n' Rollmanner - through the fourth album "A Life Less Necessar", that has been released in the 10th year of their history. There´s no way of putting them into one category just like that. I still remember the comment of a friend, who just came back from their gig at Summer Breeze Open Air (they played rather early, I unfortunately missed it): Oh my, they were totally nuts! But great!". This definitely sounded like what is being said about them everywhere in Norway - where they´re already quite well known. There they always seem to kick up a fuss, whereever they appear to play gigs. Apart from that fronter Max Cargo is a comedian and well-known on Norwegian TV, thanks to various strange reality shows with odd experiments.
Rough humour all the way and that reflects in the songs in various forms. You never know what to expect in the next song. Thus you´ll find songs with names like "What Bleeds Must Be Butchered", "When in Hell Pray For Rain" or a creative neologism "Nonversation". So it´s a bit astonishing, that this big wave they´ve made in Norway, hasn´t arrived elsewhere so far. However, I´m pretty sure, that this will change with this album. The vocalist has a pretty variable voice that ranges from softer stuff to the most evil growling. As variable as the voice is also the rest of the band, that can already be seen in the opener "What Bleeds Must Be Butchered". This variability continues throughout the whole album and this means, you have to listen to "A Life Less Necessary" a few times to get into it completely and get a grip on the Norwegian madness.

Cornelia Wickel

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