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Titel / Title Hatebreed 
Label Roadrunner Records 
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In case you´re wondering, how to put as much energy as possible, as well as one brutal song after another on one records, you should maybe just ask Hatebreed - simply because they´re perfect at doing this. Somehow it´s hard to decide, whether a conclusion like "everything like always" is a positive or negative thing. A little bit of both I´d say, but with a strong tendency to "positive", since there´s some new stuff on this output apart from the normal Hatebreed trademarks. Guitarist Wayne Lozniak is back on board again and the opening song "Becoming The Fuse" for example is an unusually melodic one, in the end fronter Jamey Jasta is screaming at the top of his lungs in the old fashioned monotous manner. Well, there´s exceptions from that rule as well. Admittedly there´s no one expecting ultra progressive and highly technical sound arrangements from Hatebreed or songs that sound completely different from each other, but this of course leads to the fact, that you might get used and fed up of the songs a bit too fast. It takes some time to get used to the records of some bands, but that´s not the case with Hatebreed - you listen to it once and know what´s going on, that´s just how it should be, no? If you got lines like: "Born to bleed, fighting to succeed, build to endure, what this world throws at me" ("In Ashes They Shall Reap"), you can shout along immediately and can be sure, that they´re stuck in your ears from the first second onwards. There are songs though, where Hatebreed sound more Metal than "core", like for example in "Every Lasting Scar" - and not only that, you can actually hear the fronter sing, yes sing! Quite unexpected but surely not unpleasant, since the not so monotonous singing sounds pretty nice for a change. Shortly before the last song, they suprise with a gloomy instrumental, very Metal as wel and once again something one might´ve not expected from them.

Long story short: Hatebreed managed to bounce back into the ears of the Hardcore fans with a blow and punch their new material straight into the face like always - with some interesting new details though. Like it or hate it. Those, who have been fans of Hatebreed so far, will dig the new CD, those who didn´t won´t like this one either. So you Hardcore fans out there, have fun with it!

Cornelia Wickel

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