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Parzivals Eye

Titel / Title Fragments 
Label Red Farm Records 
Total run time
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Dear friends of sophisticated music in the Prog/Artrock sector, lend me your ears. In case you´re still looking for the perfect CD for those cold autumn month, you should maybe check out "Fragment" from Parzivals Eye.
This is the solo debut of RPWL bassist Christ Postl. Seems as if this guy has quite some good connections, maybe due to his successful work with his Bavarian main band and thus the list of musicians, he invited for this album looks pretty good - you´ll find Christina Booth (Magenta) on the female vocals and Alan Reed from Pallas. For some nice solo-support he could win no one less than Ian Barrison (Alan-Parsons-Project). Those of you, who are really into nice melodies in 70s Progrock style, will get their money´s worth. Wonderful melodies, sometimes in two voices, perfect the songs. There´s absolutely no doubt, that there are musicians playing, who exactly know what they´re doing, since the whole CD sounds pretty monolithic with nearly no deficits over the playtime of more than one hour.
After quite a calm beginning, that makes you almost feel like attending some meditation course, Christ Postl starts rocking with the guitar. In some parts you´ll even find Oriental influences among others. As for influences from bands you´ll find some Floydian parts, along with Genesis and also stuff from his mainband RPWL. Thus it´s not amazing, that Parzivals Eye is being called the "most RPWL-Solo work". Apart from all the self composed songs, you´ll find one rather unique interpretation of Graham Nash´s "Chicago". In the end, the only thing that´s left to say is, that this records has found a great way somewhere between Prog and sometimes even pop-music-like parts - a CD, you can call absolutely wonderful, thanks to the great melodies it contains. Simply perfect for some hours of great music when the weather is more or less cold and annoying outside. I´m pretty sure, that you´ll be able to enjoy Fragments, even after listening to it quite a few times.

Cornelia Wickel

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