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Electric Eel Shock

Titel / Title Sugoi Indeed 
Label Rodeostar 
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Not necessarily everything, that comes from Japan is J-Rock and not everything is poppy, pink and shrill - even though you might get an impression like this, when reading something of "three completely mad Japanese guys". EES are rocking through their new album "Sugoi Indeed" in a fresh and sometimes pretty rough manner and this is that stirring, that it´s probably hard to remain seated.
Electric Eel Shock are lucky to have a very supportive fanbase, that helped them a few times. Let it be collecting enough money to get out of an adhesion contract and thus being able to publish the next record or simply collecting enough money to record another album. Thus it´s no wonder, that they´re doing their best to release an album like "Sugoi Indeed", that will surely not disappoint the fans.

The beginning of the CD brings us in best rock-mood with "Metal Man". When it comes to the lyrics, they´re constantly somewhere between odd and just senseless, either in English or Japanese. Well, whatever they might be singing, you´ll totally forget about it as the music continues and you´re totally "Out Of Control", what of course "Nobody Knows". There´s at least no "Death Penalty" on "More" rocking as far as I know. "No Shit Sherlock", in the end you can only say "Goodbye Peach". No matter how nuts EES might be and how strange the last two senteces were to read, but hey, how often can you transform songtitles into sentences, that make sense - well, somehow at least. This or that way, it all fits in a way and the guys are rocking in good old Garage-Rock manner, just as it´s supposed to be.
When it comes to their live gigs, I expect madness at it´s best - this records is simply too entertaining, to not witness this crazy stuff live at least once! When it comes to my judgement, they have already anticipated it with their title - "Sugoi Indeed" (sugoi = fantastic/great), yes.

Cornelia Wickel

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