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Titel / Title Define : Divine 
Label Deity Down Records 
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More brutal stuff from The Netherlands. Yes, having just reviewed their fellow countrymen and label mates Persistense, itīs not Verminīs turn to show how brutal they can be with their interpretation of Technical/Brutal Death Metal. Theyīve been around since 2002 and have faced several line-up problems, like quite a lot of bands, until they reached a somewhat consistent line-up to work with. They released their Demo "Alea Iacta Est"already in 2002 and another one in 2003, called "Solypsis". After having received quite a lot of positive feedback on this, they managed to get a label contract with Deity Down Records in 2006, releasing their debut "A Nihilistic Swarm" there as well. Now, in 2009, theyīre ready for the next attack called "Define:Divine". If you read the promoflyer and see this name dropping going on, mentioning bands like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, but also more progressive/complex stuff like Meshuggah and even Dillinger Escape Plan, your expectations get either rather high, or you donīt know at all what to expect. I went for something inbetween those two.
Well, after a few tunes, I can say, that this mixture is definitely there and it sounds good. If youīre into stuff with a progressive stuff, Vermin is a band for you. Itīs brutal straight-in-your-face stuff with really agressive vocals, nice rhythm section and progressive on top of that. The title track itself shows this in a nice way. I can clearly imagine, that this mixture surely breaks some necks at gigs. After approximately 40 minutes the CD reaches itīs end, and itīs clearly enough, because after that you simply need a break - since this is something you donīt get while listening! Just listen to a song like "Idolize The Poisonous" that goes straight forward, very fast-paced and without mercy. Fast parts change with some slower and very heavy passages. Vermin are one of those bands, that show, that we should check out bands, that are maybe not that well-known, too, since youīll find some interesting stuff in the underground!

Cornelia Wickel

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