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Dead Flesh Fashion

Titel / Title Anchors 
Label Midsummer Records 
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Dead Flesh Fashion start their album "Anchors" in such an aggressive and sick way with - like the title already suggests "A Sick Way To Mute The Chorus Of Gloom", that you really start wondering, what the hell happened, as soon as you put this record into your player. Those guys have already released a split CD with War From A Harlots Mouth and are now presenting their debut album. "Anchors" is a damn intensive album, made for people, who enjoy the music of bands like The Ocean, Botch or Cult Of Luna. CoL are worth mentioning, since Dead Flesh Fashion show some strong post-core tendencies in their music and surely make the listening experience a bit difficult - if you aren´t used to that kind of music, you´d probably simply call this kind of music nervwracking. In case you enjoy the sound and make it through the whole album full of Mathcore and the like, the 11th track might be one song to put your listening abilities to one last, gruelling test with the 16-minutes long track "Carcass 1 and Vulture 2 In Love", which is starting all nice and calm and then slowly getting heavy as hell. This combination of those heavy, sagging and booming riffs in combination with the almost desperatly sounding screaming vocals are flooring you to the ground completely. This is one of those bands, that stick out of the mass of modern bands throwing one CD after the other onto the market and surely deserve some attention in the future. They´re hungry for live shows, as the promosheet says - something which is pretty understandable and I can only guess, that you´ll be dropdead after one of their shows, when they´re that packed with energy and intensity, like this record is.

Cornelia Wickel

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